Updated December 2020

Canfields is closely monitoring the impact of coronavirus COVID-19 in order to protect our staff and ensure that we continue to support our clients.  The safeguarding of our staff and clients is of paramount importance and we are providing regular updates to our staff on both the situation and the necessary precautions to take including hygiene, travel and agile working advice.

 IT infrastructure means that we are able to work remotely- ensuring that the service we deliver to our clients remains unaffected. 

What we are doing 

To minimise and mitigate the potential impact on our operations we are doing  the following; 

  • Regular team meetings to continuously monitor the status of the virus and assess key risks to our staff and our clients  
  • The safeguarding of our staff in relation to travel and hygiene. 
  •  Operational and IT planning to ensure everybody has the tools and ability to work remotely if advised to by the government. 
  • Business impact analysis to consider long term solutions that protect our people our staff and ensure that service to our clients remains unaffected . 
  • Working closely at our offices to ensure that necessary precautions are taken within the building in which our people operate and our clients visit. 
  • While the infrastructure we have in place puts us in a strong position to minimise our exposure to the potential impacts of the coronavirus, we will continue to closely monitor the developments of the virus.


 We will be avoiding face to face meetings in favour of conference calls. We will notify our clients of any changes to our arrangements. 


The courts are responding to the COVID-19 pandemic with new guidelines, restrictions and changes to how proceedings will be managed. Canfields has created links to source this information for general guidance. Please note that  information provided by the Courts is changing in line with ongoing developments and we will keep clients updated as necessary.

Please speak to your Canfields contact if you need any further information.