Canfields Law can assist with the legalities of immigration matters in obtaining visas. We offer a wide range of visa services trading as Visa Kings Global, full details of which can be found on our dedicated immigration services website.

Canfields Law works closely with overseas partners to ensure your Visa is obtained legally in the UK. If you are a successful business person who wishes to establish a new business, invest in an existing business or take over a new business we can assist in the UK legal aspect of the application process and ensure the right visa is obtained for you.


If you are a successful business person who wishes to establish a new business, invest in an existing business, take over a new business, or you have just received an employment offer from an UK Company, you may be eligible to apply for an UK Business Visa.
This page explains and provides guidance on how you can apply and enter in the UK under the Business Visa Category.


1. Entrepreneur UK Business Visa

The Tier 1 Entrepreneur Business Visa is a UK business visa for those who wish to invest in the United Kingdom by starting their own UK business or taking over a UK business without requiring a sponsor.
The Basic Requirements are:

  • You have access to investment funds which are held in one or more regulated financial institutions and are free to spend in UK;
  • You can speak English to the required standard;
  • Maintenance funds: You have enough money to support yourself while you are in the UK.
  • Genuine Entrepreneur Test, additional support evidence can be required by the Home Office to check whether the funds are still available to you.

2. Investor UK Business Visa

The Tier 1 Investor Business Visa is designed for wealthy individuals who plan to make an investment and also make the UK their home. The investment must be productive and generate wealth for the UK economy. There is a limited number of this kind of visa that is granted per year.
The Basic Requirements are:

  • You need to have at least 2 million pounds in the UK in a regulated financial institution;
  • You own personal assets which are in excess of 2 million pounds in value;
  • You can rely on a loan of at least £1,000,000 as long as that loan was made by an institution regulated by the Financial Services Authority.
  • You need to show English language ability.


You must send 2 recent passport photographs and your passport along with proof of:

  • qualifications;
  • maternity or adoption-related absence (if relevant);
  • previous earnings;
  • United Kingdom experience;
  • English language;
  • HSMP transitional arrangements (if relevant).

All documents that you send should be in original.

We have an excellent track record of success in obtaining entrepreneur visas. In the first instance please contact Pauline Curham who will be happy to discuss your needs and how we can help you.


The application fee may vary depending on the way that you are going to apply for the visa.