Family law

At Canfields Law, we understand how difficult family issues can be. Whether you’re going through the trauma of divorce or a trial separation or want to draw up a cohabitation agreement, we can help.

Our team of experienced family law specialists have the understanding, the experience and most importantly, the compassion to help you resolve your family law issues. Our specialists can advice on a wide range of family law issues including:

  • Divorce and separation
  • Parenting issues
  • Child support and financial issues
  • Civil partnerships
  • Wills and probate

Our specialist teams aim to keep conflict to a minimum, particularly if there are children involved. Maintaining a calm and professional response at all times, we don’t ‘take sides’ but instead give you the support you really need.

Credit agencies and financial concerns

Our specialist family law team can also offer advice and help when dealing with credit agencies such as Child Support. Because we have the experience and the knowledge to give you up to date, no nonsense guidance and support, we can help you to resolve issues quickly and with the minimum of stress.

At Canfields Law, we can also help you to ensure that your family are looked after once your gone by taking care of your will and probate issues. Making sure that your will is up to date not only means that the people you care about are looked after, but it also avoids unnecessary issues concerning Intestacy rules and could prevent your loved ones from having to pay a considerable tax bill too.

So if you need advice and guidance on any family law issue, call us today on 0207 483 8644 and speak to one of our family law specialists.